Funny interviewee. Problem child.  Loose cannon. Kindergarten employee. Sniper. MVP of WFC 2016 in Riga. That is Peter Kotilainen, 22 years and suddenly Finland’s biggest floorball name. Kotilainen: The wild one
Radim Cepek resigned from the position of head coach of the Czech national team despite having a valid contract until the home WFC in Prague in 2018. In the interview for Czech floorbal, he explains, why he has made such a decision. Cepek:I wish my successor good luck and a lot of success
The roof of the newly opened sports hall in Ceska Trebova collapsed during a game of a floorball tournament of the junior “regional talent” teams .  Fortunately all the players, referees, audience and organisers managed to leave the hall on time, before any disaster had happened. Roof collapsed during a tournament
Overtime in the WFC final between Sweden and Finland in Riga. Seven minutes in, Kim Nilsson breaks free with the ball on his blade, aims and shoots – but misses the net and has to shake his head in disappointment as the ball disappears into the short-side stands. The weight of the result
Quick feet point player Martin Tokos is getting ready for his third WFC. In the interview we talked not only about the national team ambitions,  but also about coach Mrazek, the long trips with Dalen, the star teammates from Falun – and figure skating. Tokos: Living the dream
When we asked Falun-Star Emil Johannson during the interview, what he likes doing besides floorbal, there is a long pause. Then he sighs and says. “Well, honestly said, during the season, there is not much else.” When discussing if he is a defender or forward, he says “just call me a... Johansson: The florball player
I ran into an old floorball article from 2012. Is Mika Kohonen preparing for his last WFC tournament, it asked. We now know it was not his last and neither was the next one in 2014. This time I’m not even going to speculate if this one is! A local commentator laughed as he talked about... Veterans’ Day in Riga
Signing a sports manager for one of the most prestigious clubs of the world’s leading floorball country from their fiercest enemy nation – that sounds like an outrageous idea. Still, that’s exactly what FC Helsingborg did. Finnish Juha Kivilehto is employed not only as one of their key... Kivilehto: Manager far away from home
Lukas Rezanina is an unconventional young guy with positive energy and always good mood. Exactly this character helped him to become the first Slovak in the floorball NHL, as he calls the Swedish Superleague. Oddly enough it all started with him not being a good enough ice-skater. Rezanina: SSL instead of NHL
Lukas, was it a big thing in Slovakia, when it was clear that you would be the first one to play in Sweden? LR: Well, there was an article (smiles). And many people in Slovakia keep their fingers crossed for me! There are of course also those, who say, that I am not going to make it. But... Interview with Lukas Rezanina
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