From March 2015 It’s 2015, the year of women’s floorball moving towards its highlight WFC 2015 in Tampere, Finland. Sweden’s Anna Jakobsson scored a hat trick in the previous EFC final in Ostrava in 2013, and its is quite likely she will be one of this year’s brightest spots, too. Anna Jakobsson: The goalscorer
From December 2014 A juniors’ team’s head coach at sixteen. Finnish Champion as coach at eighteen. Salibandyliiga coach at twenty-four. CEO of a Helsinki entertainment complex. Officer in Finnish military reserve. It can be debated whether some people are born to be leaders but Finn... Bergman: The leader
From October 2014 Liisa Kokkonen is one of the three Finnish goalkeepers fighting for a place in the nation’s roster for WFC2015 in Tampere, Finland. Like so many Finnish female top athletes, she has had to move to Sweden to take the next step in her development. Kokkonen: The goalie who left
From September 2014 Kim Nilsson, The Hofbauer brothers, Tatu Väänänen. There will be a fierce competition about whos is to be the Nr 1 star of Champions Cup on October. The reigning one’s name is Alexander Galante Carlström. Galante: The Unstoppable
From July 2014 Helsinki toddler Tommi Aro learned to run before he could walk, family story has it. Twenty-eight years later Aro is one of Finland’s best floorball players looking forward to making the WFC in Gothenburg in December. Tommi Aro: Journeyman
From August 2014 You don’t need to be a floorball star putting your stick aside to become a top floorball coach. Seppo Pulkkinen was a Finnish volleyball national team coach who dared try something new. This April he lead Happee from Jyväskylä to celebrate the Salibandyliiga championship... Seppo Pulkkinen: Der Alte
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1.Grasshopper Club Zürich111:692.313
2.UHC Alligator Malans95:622.250
3.Floorball Köniz96:662.000
4.SV Wiler-Ersigen96:701.938
5.Zug United100:921.625
6.HC Rychenberg Winterthur82:901.438
1.Kloten-Dietlikon Jets90:372.462
2.Skorpion Emmental Zollbrück70:482.077
3.piranha chur75:541.833
4.Zug United51:521.667
5.Wizards Bern Burgdorf64:691.538
1.Floorball Thurgau43:243.000
2.Unihockey Basel Regio40:182.800
3.UHT Eggiwil29:242.000
4.RD March-Höfe Altendorf36:301.800
5.I. M. Davos-Klosters32:271.600
6.Ticino Unihockey24:311.600
7.Unihockey Langenthal Aarwangen24:371.200
8.Regazzi Verbano UH Gordola27:341.000
9.Floorball Fribourg28:401.000
10.Kloten-Dietlikon Jets29:420.800
11.UHC Grünenmatt28:300.600
12.UHC Sarganserland38:410.600
1.UH Lejon Zäziwil50:202.857
2.Waldkirch-St. Gallen32:182.286
3.Visper Lions28:242.000
4.UH Appenzell34:321.857
5.Unihockey Basel Regio32:341.571
6.Aergera Giffers30:301.286
7.Floorball Uri28:301.000
8.Hot Chilis Rümlang-Regensdorf17:310.857
9.Nesslau Sharks18:290.714
10.UC Yverdon18:390.571