As always, Finland's head coach Petteri Nykky will be heading to a WFC tournament with an extremely experienced squad. In Prague in December, they will face a task tougher than ever as not only Sweden but Switzerland and Czech Republic, too, are now ready to beat them. Toughest task ever for Finland
Finland's top series for women, naisten Salibandyliiga, is in for a major overhaul. After one more season with just 10 teams, the series will be melted together with today's second highest series. Overhaul for Finlands women's league
WFC 2016 Golden Shoe winner Peter Kotilainen publishes an Instagram post to announce he's leaving Happee for a foreign club. Swedish FBC Kalmarsund chairman then tells press why they would not sign Kotilainen after all. Kotilainen and his agent claim the Swedes had agreed for contract terms to... Kotilainen tops silly season circus
The biggest news about Finland's Superfinale 2018 was not about who won but that the tradition would be discontinued. The day after the event, the central board of the Finnish Floorball Federation announced that from now on, the Finnish Salibandyliiga title would be decided on a best-of-seven... Finland’s farewell to Superfinale
From 16th to 18th of March Berlin will be hosting the biggest floorball event ever taken place on German grounds. The Floorball Final4, a vivid composition of exciting cup matches (male and female semis on Saturday, finals on Sunday) framed with a broad program of workshops, youth competitions,... Final4 in Berlin
Certain experts have already said they are waiting for the season after this one in Finland. The reason: Classic Tampere who are simply too dominant for this year to be interesting. Classic spoiled the Finnish floorball season
Sweden will enter the WFC in Bratislava so clear a favourite it feels almost like an anticlimax. With the superior line-up they have, they can even predict personal goal records. For offensive talent Sofia Joelsson, that is. Clearly the best
Forward Veera Kauppi is Finland's biggest hope in their dream of WFC gold. Along with her twin sister Oona, Veera Kauppi in the kind of players women's floorball coaches want to see in numbers. Finland’s hope
Salibandyliiga's new points system has already created controversy. With all games played to decision but a regular time win giving just the same two points as a victorious overtime or penalty shootout may not be such a good idea after all. Discussions in blue and white
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1.Grasshopper Club Zürich104:5743
2.Floorball Köniz100:8039
3.SV Wiler-Ersigen122:7636
4.UHC Alligator Malans114:7833
5.Zug United124:11529
6.UHC Uster85:8929
7.Chur Unihockey96:10129
8.Tigers Langnau95:10824
9.HC Rychenberg Winterthur89:12121
10.Waldkirch-St. Gallen80:10318
11.UHC Thun80:11310
12.Kloten-Dietlikon Jets85:13310
1.piranha chur115:3345
2.Kloten-Dietlikon Jets112:4642
3.Wizards Bern Burgdorf101:5335
4.Unihockey Berner Oberland81:5330
5.Skorpion Emmental Zollbrück87:6428
6.R.A. Rychenberg Winterthur48:8418
7.UHC Laupen ZH49:8618
8.Zug United45:909
9.UH Red Lions Frauenfeld37:877
10.Aergera Giffers43:1225
1.Ad Astra Sarnen132:7953
2.Unihockey Basel Regio123:7948
3.Floorball Thurgau125:9240
4.Ticino Unihockey106:10834
5.I. M. Davos-Klosters105:10430
6.Unihockey Langenthal Aarwangen106:11530
7.Regazzi Verbano UH Gordola108:10428
8.Floorball Fribourg79:9824
9.RD March-Höfe Altendorf97:11824
10.UHC Sarganserland87:10122
11.Pfannenstiel Egg81:11514
12.UHC Grünenmatt82:11813
1.Hot Chilis Rümlang-Regensdorf74:4938
2.FB Riders DBR73:6037
3.SU Mendrisiotto100:6836
4.Unihockey Basel Regio102:7828
5.UH Appenzell71:6027
6.Waldkirch-St. Gallen75:6126
7.UH Lejon Zäziwil73:7622
8.Floorball Uri53:7118
9.UC Yverdon45:6718
10.UHC Trimbach41:1175