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Final4 in Berlin

From 16th to 18th of March Berlin will be hosting the biggest floorball event ever taken place on German grounds. The Floorball Final4, a vivid composition of exciting cup matches (male and female semis on Saturday, finals on Sunday) framed with a broad program of workshops, youth competitions, fun tournaments and a lot more (Pub Quiz, Speaker's Corner, Penalty Championship).

Final4 in Berlin

Hosting this event in Berlin is not only a very ambitious enterprise, it's also a great chance. Ambitious, because the German capital is home to more than 130 elite teams in various sports, including basketball, handball, volleyball, ice-hockey and of course football. There is hardly a tougher local competition than here. But there's also a great chance, as this city is kind of a magnifying glas. If you make it here, the echo sounds all over the country.

Under the patronage of the Swedish Embassy the event is being organised by the German Floorball Federation (Floorball Deutschland) together with the regional Floorball Federation of Berlin-Brandenburg (FVBB) and the local Bundesliga club of BAT Berlin. As the co-organizer BAT Berlin is seeded into the semis of the male competition. In 2017 the team reached the cup final against the German Champion Weissenfels, came back from a 0:4, but lost in overtime 5:6.

All cup matches will take place in the historical Sömmeringhalle. Therefore the goal is not only to boost the national and regional development of floorball in general, but also to set a new attendance record by welcoming more than 2000 visitors to the final games. Because of that, for the first time, the event also aims at foreign floorball fans. Tickets to Berlin are cheap and easy to get, accommodation as well. A great occasion to discover one of the worlds most vibrant metropoles and enjoy some gourmet floorball show off the usual scandinavian, swiss or czech floorball paths.

Further information:
Event website - floorballfinal4.de
Tickets - floorballfinal4.de/tickets
Promo clip - floorballfinal4.de/floorball-final4

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Community Updates


1.SV Wiler-Ersigen79:3827
2.Grasshopper Club Zürich57:2826
3.Floorball Köniz64:5024
4.UHC Alligator Malans56:4618
5.UHC Uster56:5518
6.Chur Unihockey59:6516
7.Zug United78:7215
8.Tigers Langnau55:6415
9.HC Rychenberg Winterthur56:7613
10.Waldkirch-St. Gallen50:6711
11.UHC Thun52:737
12.Kloten-Dietlikon Jets49:775
1.piranha chur67:1927
2.Skorpion Emmental Zollbrück49:2822
3.Kloten-Dietlikon Jets55:2521
4.Unihockey Berner Oberland45:2818
5.Wizards Bern Burgdorf50:2717
6.UHC Laupen ZH28:4212
7.Zug United27:548
8.R.A. Rychenberg Winterthur21:566
9.Aergera Giffers29:663
10.UH Red Lions Frauenfeld16:421
1.Unihockey Basel Regio71:4428
2.Ad Astra Sarnen70:4927
3.Ticino Unihockey66:5024
4.Floorball Thurgau71:5521
5.Regazzi Verbano UH Gordola60:5818
6.UHC Sarganserland58:5716
7.Unihockey Langenthal Aarwangen57:6916
8.I. M. Davos-Klosters65:6215
9.Pfannenstiel Egg50:609
10.Floorball Fribourg42:599
11.RD March-Höfe Altendorf50:719
12.UHC Grünenmatt47:736
1.FB Riders DBR42:3222
2.SU Mendrisiotto50:3219
3.Waldkirch-St. Gallen47:3019
4.Hot Chilis Rümlang-Regensdorf36:2718
5.UH Appenzell38:3114
6.Unihockey Basel Regio56:4613
7.UH Lejon Zäziwil39:4610
8.UC Yverdon23:366
9.Floorball Uri27:416
10.UHC Trimbach25:625