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World's best: Kosonen and Kauppi

Each year Innebandymagazinet along with representatives from international floorball media and national team coaches announce the world's best floorball players. The awarded players for 2018 are Eero Kosonen (SPV) and Veera Kauppi (IKSU).

World's best: Kosonen and Kauppi Veera Kauppi is awarded the world's best floorball player for the second time. (Picture: Dieter Meierhans)

For the 14th consecutive year the world's best male floorball player is announced. Eero Kosonen, goalkeeper in SPV and the Finnish national team, gets the 2018 award. "It feels very good to receive this award. Especially as a goalkeeper, since no goalkeeper previously has received this award", says Eero Kosonen.

Why Kosonen?

The world's best goalkeeper for the last couple of years also deserves to call himself the worlds best floorball player after an amazing year which culminated in his outstanding performance during the World Floorball Championships in Prague, where Finland defended the gold from the previous WFC. Eero Kosonen was the difference for Finland during the final against Sweden where he put up one amazing save after another. The combination of always playing at a high level and also being the best when it matters the most makes him the number one in the world.


Facts: Eero Kosonen

Born: September 12, 1986.

Position: Goalkeeper.

Original club: NST, Lappeenranta.

Current club: SPV, Seinäjoki.

Previous clubs: NST (2005-2008), Happee (2008-2015), Växjö (2015-2018).

Merits: 2 WFC gold medals. 2 WFC silver medals. 1 gold and 1 silver in Salibandyliiga. 1 silver in Swedish Super League. Goalkeeper of the year in SSL 2016/17. Rookie of the year in SSL 2015/16. Player of the year in Finland 2015 and 2018.

Eero Kosonen on his way to his second WFC-Gold in December 2018 in Prague.


World's best male floorball players 2018

1. Eero Kosonen, Finland & SPV

2. Krister Savonen, Finland & SC Classic

3. Emil Johansson, Sweden & IBF Falun

4. Peter Kotilainen, Finland & Happee

5. Rasmus Enström, Sweden & IBF Falun

6. Nico Salo, Finland & SC Classic

7. Robin Nilsberth, Sweden & Storvreta IBK

8. Alexander Galante Carlström, Sweden & IBF Falun

9. Pascal Meier, Switzerland & Grasshopper Club Zürich

10. Eemeli Salin, Finland & SC Classic


World's best male players year by year

2005: Mika Kohonen, Finland

2006: Anders Hellgård, Sweden

2007: Anders Hellgård, Sweden

2008: Magnus Svensson, Sweden

2009: Mika Kohonen, Finland

2010: Mika Kohonen, Finland

2011: Mika Kohonen, Finland

2012: Mika Kohonen, Finland

2013: Rasmus Enström, Sweden

2014: Kim Nilsson, Sweden

2015: Rasmus Enström, Sweden

2016: Alexander Galante Carlström, Sweden

2017: Alexander Galante Carlström, Sweden

2018: Eero Kosonen, Finland


For the 12th consecutive year, the worlds best female floorball player is announced. Veera Kauppi, forward in IKSU and the finnish national team, gets the 2018 award. "It's hard to describe my feelings because it feels unbelievable to be in this situation again. There is so many great players in women floorball at the moment so getting selected shows that I have done good job through the last years which feels obviously nice. This is a great thing of course for me but I hope also for women's floorball in Finland", says Veera Kauppi.


Why Kauppi?

There was never any doubt. Despite her young age Veera has taken over the throne as the world's best floorball player and will possibly stay there for many years to come. 2018 was the year when Veera took the step and transferred over to the Swedish Super League (SSL) and the Swedish champions IKSU. There she instantly made a big mark and is a contender, despite this being her rookie season, for both the goal record and also the record for most points scored. As a player she already masters every step of the game and always plays at a very high level, and she is also at her best when it matters the most.


Facts: Veera Kauppi

Born: July 19, 1997.

Position: Forward.

Original club: Koovee.

Current club: IKSU.

Merits: 2 WFC silver 2015,2017. 2 U19 WFC silver 2014/2016. 1 Champions Cup gold 2019.

Internationals: 41. 56 goals, 32 assists, 88 points in total.


World's best female floorball players 2018

1. Veera Kauppi, Finland & IKSU

2. Emelie Wibron, Sweden & IKSU

3. Moa Tschöp, Sweden & Täby FC IBK

4. Anna Wijk, Sweden & KAIS Mora IF

5. Amanda Delgado Johansson, Sweden & IKSU

6. Sofia Joelsson, Sweden & IKSU

7. My Kippilä, Finland & KAIS Mora IF

8. Cornelia Fjellstedt, Sweden & IKSU

9. Corin Rüttimann, Switzerland & Piranha Chur

10. Sara Steen, Sweden & Endre IF


World's best female floorball players year by year

2007: Karolina Widar, Sweden

2008: Simone Berner, Switzerland

2009: Karolina Widar, Sweden

2010: Hermine Dahlerus, Sweden

2011: Emelie Lindström, Sweden

2012: Emelie Lindström, Sweden

2013: Emelie Lindström, Sweden

2014: Anna Wijk, Sweden

2015: Anna Wijk, Sweden

2016: Anna Wijk, Sweden

2017: Veera Kauppi, Finland

2018: Veera Kauppi, Finland


Facts about the award

World's best floorball players have been awarded since year 2005 on the men's side and 2007 on the women's side, making this the 14th and 12th time. Winners are selected by Innebandymagazinet in cooperation with national team coaches and international media from the most influential floorball countries. Mika Kohonen has been awarded most (5) times.



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