We want you!

Floorball Zurich Lioness III
28. 01. 2020 10:10

Our ladies' small field team is looking for new players. Due to various departures (studies abroad) we are dependent on fresh forces. Whether young or experienced, small or tall, everyone is welcome here. Maybe you have already played floorball and want to make a comeback? Or you are ready for a new challenge? We are looking forward to see you in our training! Floorball Zurich Lioness III hc.ssenoil@3nemad

Community Updates


1.UHC Thun+5149.000
2.Ad Astra Obwalden+3649.000
3.Kloten-Dietlikon Jets+4041.000
4.UHC Sarganserland+1341.000
5.UHC Lok Reinach-135.000
6.Floorball Fribourg-334.000
7.Ticino Unihockey-932.000
8.UHC Grünenmatt-531.000
9.UHT Eggiwil-2929.000
10.RD March-Höfe Altendorf-2322.000
11.Regazzi Verbano UH Gordola-3318.000
12.Unihockey Langenthal Aarwangen-3715.000
1.UH Appenzell+3243.000
2.Aergera Giffers+2637.000
3.UH Lejon Zäziwil+2334.000
4.Unihockey Basel Regio+833.000
5.Chilis Rümlang-Regensdorf+1232.000
6.Floorball Uri+1529.000
7.Nesslau Sharks-1125.000
8.UH Red Lions Frauenfeld-816.000
9.Visper Lions-3814.000
10.UC Yverdon-597.000